Welcome to the website of SCHIET squash. Since 2012, this is THE student squash club of Amsterdam. We are located at the University Sports Centrum (USC), Science Park 306. We have about 30 members and are growing! Below, you can find some club night information about our squash club. If you have any additional questions, please send an email to info@schietsquash.nl.

Trainings and club night

Every Wednesday from 19.30h till 22.30h, you can play against other members, train together and drink a beer afterwards. We organise monthly squash trainings given by Melissa Meulenbelt. During the other weeks, we train together in the first part of the club night on two of the four courts.

Club competition

If you would like join the club competition and play against other members of SCHIET, you can join our internal competition: a series of tournaments on 6 sundays in the months november-april

Becoming a member

If you would like to join SCHIET squash, please fill in this form. The costs for a student are 25 euros a year or 12.50 euros for a half year (1 Sept – 1 Feb or 1 Feb – 1 Sept). If you are not a student, the costs are 50 euros a year or 25 euros for a half year. Next to that, you need to have the ‘vrijspeelabonnement’ at the USC and not the (‘daluren’ subscription). For more information about the USC subscriptions, please contact the USC yourself or send an email to info@schietsquash.nl.